about our values

distilled #energy insights

who are we?

We’re oil and gas professionals covering the gambit of expertise; from reservoir engineering to finance, and small to large operators. Interested in discussing all energy related topics. From onshore unconventional and deep water exploration to wind farms and carbon capture. Looking to navigate the changing energy landscape.

what is our purpose?

The purpose of petrolytics is to provide data-driven insights into the oil markets and renewable energy space, the environment, and the economy.

More specifically, our goal is to make this information accessible and easily-digestible. The petrolytics.io platform is designed to provide access to data across the public domain, visualization tools and analytics, and peer-to-peer industry discussion.

what data is available?

Head over to the Data Room for more information on the raw data, data visualization tools, and analytics available to everyone.

how can i get in touch?

Reach us by sending an inquiry located on our Contact Us page. Additionally, we're available on Twitter.