amazon's renewable pledge

and it's sizeable

Hondo Lane | June 23, 2020

(Petrolytics) - Wanted to kick off your Wednesday with a few stories we found particularly interesting. Nothing too exciting going on in the oil markets overnight, however, WTI did crack the $40 mark. As expected, starting to see a number of bankruptcy filings fly across the wire.

Big news yesterday was Amazon’s $2B VC pledge to cleaner energy. Nothing too surprising. Will be interested to see how the funds are distributed to target firms. We’ll keep a close eye on this one and do some digging. While we imagine they’d stay close to the Bay Area, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them venture out to the Houston area. Not shortage of energy experts in our neck of the woods.

  1. Bloomberg piece on culture of shale reserves - All too familiar reminder of forecasting woes
  2. Puerto Rico’s energy mix - Interesting EIA report on the energy mix of Puerto Rico following the earthquakes this year
  3. TMC Houston COVID - For those who haven’t seen this resource tracking COVID data in Houston

Any office folk headed back to work? Sounds like a number of firms have been back with an alternating schedule (we’ve been doing this for our rigs). On the flip side, we’ve heard rumblings of a COVID outbreak in $ERP that required them to send everyone home again.

Seems like Houston is on a rough trajectory in terms of hospitalizations. Doesn’t take an RE to forecast through those data. In any case, stay safe. Reach out if you have any news. We’re always eager to learn what’s on your mind.