first half 2020 housekeeping

kickin' things off

Hondo Lane | June 23, 2020

(Petrolytics) - Before getting into the morning digest, we wanted to do a bit of housekeeping. We're in the process of revamping the newsletter to integrate the feedback we've received. The purpose (and our core philosophy) is to keep the assessments as simple as possible. We aim to recognize the signals in the noise.

This morning we're sharing with you a few reports we found interesting. While the US rig count is down to 266 (-700 since June 2019), all hope is not lost. At least in Texas, the TRRC has processed 6,600 completions to-date versus 4,200 in the same period last year. Would like to hear your thoughts and experiences on any efficiency gains.

  1. Bloomberg CityLab's take on post-COVID cities
  2. Study by Deloitte on shale impairments
  3. Will a crash in oil prices act a fresh reset for Permian players?

Finally, wanted to share a picture one of our founders took on his drive through Roscoe. These farms keep getting bigger each time we pass by.

Post your comments below if any particular story resonates with your experiences. And, as always, if you have any juicy gossip you'd like shared in the Houston Hearsay column of the newsletter, please send it our way and we'll do our best to validate it.

Stay safe.