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Hondo Lane | June 30, 2020

(Petrolytics) - Appears as though WTI is interested in cruising past the $40/bbl mark, although for how long is anyone's guess. $XLE, the SDPR energy fund, has slowly retreated from a pivot high. Appears to be a some divergence, for whatever it's worth. Obviously this is not a recommendation to invest, however, it's an interesting observation from a purely technical standpoint.

In any case, there's no doubt that activity has picked back up around Houston, as the traffic is becoming increasingly unbearable at certain times. Maybe that's just the never-ending construction (which has hopefully progressed a lot since few have been commuting to work). Interestingly enough, however, is many of our colleagues at smaller operators who recently returned back to the office (or field) have been told to go back home again due to COVID. Anecdotally, we've heard issues regarding rig crews being delayed due to outbreaks.

Again, this is all hearsay, however, it's becoming increasingly common. Enough of that for the time being, we've included a few good reads to get your day started. The first is highly recommended. We've seen Dr. Tinker speak at conferences such as URTeC and have found him to be a reasonable and pragmatic (yet passionate) advocate. Even more, his actions speak even louder as he's always doing things to better the energy landscape (in particular with regard to emerging economies). Check it out.

  1. Dr. Scott Tinker and IAGC discuss the three E's
  2. Shell takes a write-down and** BP divests the rest of its petrochemicals business**
  3. Permian players discuss COVID response - could just be signaling, however its a business-friction nonetheless

If you're interested in more Dr. Tinker material, check out the** Switch Energy Alliance**. It has additional resources (although if you're interested in getting involved with him, we're unsure of the best means to do so).

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