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We provide easy solutions to energy's big data problem

US Offshore and Onshore Data
Browse, export, and visualize data from US public data sources covering onshore unconventional to deepwater Gulf of Mexico.
Fast and responsive
No clunky software required. Navigate from the comfort of your own browser (you're not used to this, are you?).
Freemium pricing models
Gone are the days of big-oil, care-free budgets. The industry is tightening its belt. We're here to keep things moving.
Connect with industry peers and discuss the latest oil and gas activity.

we make big oil and gas data easy. choose one of our subscription plans to receive the latest, public data in a single location and in a single application. we believe that data should be shared, so our free plan is always free.

while we're currently in beta testing, we are accepting a limited number of users. reach out below for general updates and access inquiries.